July 2016 – Back to Birding

It has been a little quiet on this blog in the last couple of weeks. I had wondered why I was feeling under the weather in early June and it turned out that I was struggling with a ruptured appendix! The good news is that I am now just about fully recovered and getting out and about again. Due to family commitments, there are always few tours running in early July, but the regular schedule of tours will resume from mid month.

With some enforced rest, I have been enjoying the wildlife at home and nearby. The highlight has been our local pair of Little Owls. Once they fledged, the two juveniles were brought into our garden where they hid at first in the trees before gradually gaining more confidence over the next week or so.

6O0A4053Little Owl – one of the recently fledged juveniles

6O0A4291Little Owl – the juveniles gradually grew in confidence

One of the adult Little Owls spent most of its time hunting for invertebrates on the lawn. The football goal provided a convenient vantage point!

Little Owl Hindolveston 2016-06-25_4

Little Owl Hindolveston 2016-06-25_6Little Owl – one of the adults hunting for invertebrates on the lawn

A smart adult Green Woodpecker has also been a more irregular visitor to the lawn, taking advantage of the plentiful supply of ants now emerging.

Green Woodpecker Hindolveston 2016-06-20_1Green Woodpecker – looking for ants on the lawn

As well as birds, the local vicinity produced a nice selection of insects.

6O0A4537Emperor Dragonfly – resting down by the pond

6O0A4546Large Red Damselfly

6O0A4528Azure Damselflies – ovipositing

Poplar Hawkmoth Hindolveston 2016-06-20_1Poplar Hawkmoth – on the kitchen windowsill

But the surprise off my enforced local wanderings was finding a small colony of Bee Orchids, the first I have ever found round here.

6O0A3951.JPGBee Orchid – the first I have found locally

It’s amazing what you can find when you look closely – I will have to spend more time in the garden in future!



One response to “July 2016 – Back to Birding

  1. Pauline Palmer

    Glad you’re feeling better, looking forward to our tour with you at the end of July.
    Pauline Palmer

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