13th February 2015 – Beardies

It is always great to see Bearded Tits. All too often they are only heard calling or glimpsed briefly flying across the tops of the reeds before diving into cover. This little group has been feeding out in the open at times recently, attracting lots of admirers.

Bearded Tits are very patchily distributed in the UK, with only about 700 breeding pairs, and their stronghold is in East Anglia. We are fortunate to see them on many of our tours – though not always quite as well as this!

P1110688P1110689Bearded Tit – a male, with its distinctive moustache (not really a beard!)

P1110674P1110673Bearded Tit – another male, these birds have been feeding on the ground

P1110660Bearded Tit – a female this time, paler with brown head & no moustache

P1110629Bearded Tit – a different female, with black streaks on crown & mantle

You can see a video clip below of the birds feeding on the ground:


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