10th April 14 – Crossbill fest

Back to the Brecks for a tour today. The mission was to see some crossbills. In the morning, we were spoilt with lots of Common Crossbills – calling, singing, chasing about through the tops and sitting about in the deciduous trees by the folly at Lynford. One Firecrest was also still performing for the crowds there, and heard another singing.

Moving on, we found some Stone Curlews showing really well, and close. One bird at first, then a second appeared, with some calling and then a bit of ‘deep bow’ display. Great to watch. Also, a lovely pair of Woodlark gave us good views.

Lots of finches still, particularly at Santon Downham. Groups of Brambling everywhere in the tree tops, calling and singing, some of the males starting to look particularly good. Plenty of redpoll as well.

Back to Lynford in the late afternoon, and we stumbled across the Two-barred Crossbills almost immediately. For once there was no ‘toot’ing heard, but two males and a female (all 1st winters) were sitting around in the trees round the folly so we could watch them for some time. Also a Hawfinch flew over calling, but not long enough to get everyone onto it unfortunately, and a Mealy Redpoll in the alders by the bridge to round the day off. Mission accomplished!

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