9th April 2014 – Taking Over – Beginner’s Luck?

So it’s official, I’m taking over from Stuart. I have a lot to live up to! I hope it should be a fairly seamless handover, and it will certainly be ‘business as usual’ in the coming months.

I popped down to the Brecks briefly today, just to catch up on what was what. I have been visiting all the same sites myself for years, and have a very good grasp of where to find things, but it feels different when it is business rather than pleasure. What a morning! Within 2 hours, I had seen Two-barred Crossbill and lots of Common Crossbill, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Goshawk, 2 Hawfinch, Stone Curlew, Woodlark and a very showy Firecrest!

Was it beginner’s luck? I like to think it was the benefit of years of practice! Either way, long may it continue.

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